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Holiday Feast - A new Short Film

Fake ID Productions in collaboration with Savage Toilet Paper productions are excited to announce their new project, Holiday Feast!

A kooky couple wearing holiday sweaters
Holiday Feast - Jasmin Haugstuen Please as Margo and William Fix as Boomer

This campy Holiday horror short film is written, directed by Kyle Roark, who also delivers a fantastic performance as the leading man, Mark. The cast consists of the incredibly talented Cameron Kaufman who plays the leading role of Sarah, William Fix as Boomer and Jasmin Haugstuen Please as Margo - the two cooky Christmas loving neighbors.

A woman looking at a white Christmas tree
Cameron Kaufman as Sarah in Holiday Feast

Sarah and Mark have just moved in to their new apartment and are dealing with the loss of their daughter Lily who died of Sudden infant death syndrome. They find themselves in strange company as they hesitantly join their strange new neighbors for a holiday dinner party, and quickly realize that there's more to them than ugly Christmas sweaters.

A man looking scared next to a yellow vent
Kyle Roark as Mark in Holiday Feast

This short film promises to be a great addition to the yearly binge of Christmas Horror flicks, so stay tuned! Holiday Feast is in post production and will be available before Christmas 2023.

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