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Last project of the year wrapped!

Another project has come and gone, and "I need to talk" is the last official project that we are going to produce this year. We are excited for the coming year and the things we already have lined up, but for now it's time to knuckle down and work through post production.

We have worked with some great crews and talented people this year, and we are excited to work with them more in the coming year!

"I need to talk" is a short film written and directed by our Creative director Jasmin Haugstuen Please. It is a cute femme-punk film about conflicting needs between a married couple.

Elisawon Etidorhpa stars as Dana and Zach Jobe as Mike. The story revolves around Dana and her husband, Mike, as they navigate their daily lives and interactions with Dana’s co-worker, Cody. Dana's frustration with Cody's behavior and her growing feelings of isolation within her marriage become central themes in the narrative. The script begins with Dana and Mike in a car, and Dana's attempt to be considerate by buying Cody a McFlurry. However, Cody's response to this gesture leaves Dana feeling puzzled and uncomfortable. As the day unfolds, Dana discusses her experiences with Cody and her growing emotional distance from Mike with her friend Cameron, who is abroad in Peru. Dana's frustration with Cody's behavior and her desire for a deeper connection with Mike are palpable throughout their conversations. The story highlights the challenges of effective communication and conflicting needs.

Dana is an artistic and Creative person with a need to express herself and to Communicate. She likes to Process things by consulting Loved ones and likes to face Things head on. Mike is Dana’s husband and is an ambitious and hardworking person. He is an introvert with a need to feel in touch with his body and to wind down from socializing. He is the practical one in the relationship and struggles to give Dana what she needs. Zach and Elisawon , and Robert Aktinson who plays Cody, Dana's coworker deliver touching, comedic and at times stylized performances.

Stay tuned for updates on this project, trailer coming soon!

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