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Thank you for supporting our project!

Welcome to our new project page for Lucky Alien! 

We are looking to meet our fundraising goals to bring this story to life, and we need YOU to do it! This page was created to give you an idea of what we are trying to achieve and ways for you to get involved. Have a mosey around, read up on the latest, donate, share and all that good stuff and let's make a movie! 

Our fundraising campaign

This is where you can donate


Meet The Team

Donation benefits

We appreciate every donation, big and small - every dollar counts! We would like to show further appreciation to our donors who commits to a certain amount by rewarding you with some goodies, and below is an idea of what we have planned. Further details to come! 

Why we are excited

This is why we believe you should support us and support our project. All very flattering stills of our sexy team to entice you to click on the videos ;)

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