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"DEAD CRUSH" Is now in Post-production!

That's a wrap on "Dead Crush" our latest collaboration with Savage Toilet Paper productions and YoungOneStudios!

This is the second production we have done together, and this time we were a little more ambitious in terms of time, and shot 12 pages on one day with only 10 hours at location.

The talented director and cinematographer Maty Young from YoungOneStudios with Hedyeh Falsafi as is AC made sure the film once again, looks fantastic!

At the helm of the project was once again the talented Kyle Roark who wrote and directed alongside Maty as well as performed with the wonderful cast.

Ivyanna Harris starring as Erika

Todd Jackson starring as GHOST

Jasmin Haugstuen Please as the producer and AD made sure we made our day, while getting some amazing shots and practical effects which we hope you will enjoy!

Stay tuned for more information on our latest project "DEAD CRUSH'

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Apr 17

Looking forward to seeing the Final Cut!

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