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2022 Hollywood Fringe Festival

Fake ID Productions LLC is once again participating in the Hollywood Fringe Festival, and this time with an ensemble of talented comedians and actors.

"We're not sure yet" is an ensemble sketch comedy play about a couple that breaks up just as they accidentally witness a murder. As they split up and go their separate ways they navigate their newly single lives, being key witnesses of the murder, and eventually gets pulled in by a detective as suspects.

Zach Jobe, Beau Rutherford, Ky Teal Johnson, Emma Johnson, Jasmin Haugstuen Please, Robert Atkinson, Jeff Rogner and John Michael Sedor have spent a couple of months together creating this Sketch Play Murdery Mystery show. "We wanted to do a play, but we also wanted to do sketches, but then also wanted to do a Clue-like murder mystery. So – we decided to do all of it!" - Jasmin Haugstuen Please said, who is directing.

The first performances will all be running during the Hollywood Fringe Festival, at the McCadden theatre - as part of the Asylum group.


6/11 - 6pm 6/12 - 6:30pm 6/17 - 6:30pm 6/18 - 9:30pm 6/23 - 6:30pm

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