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Shuffle fest Kickoff!

The ten minute play festival kicked off last night with our Writers workshop

The event took place at Thymele Arts and hosted by the festival committee; Anthony Leyva, Emaline Johnson and Jasmin Haugstuen Please.

Thanks to all the writers who came out and helped us kickstart the festival!

The participants were given a series of exercises to get their creative juices flowing, and it inspired some fantastic stories and concepts.

Workshop agenda:


Warm up - Write a memory you have from a game you played when you were young.

Write 5 character descriptions:

Write a low status character (Almost accidentally walked into the room, easily confused, naive, uneducated or not very smart, easily misled and manipulated)Write a middle status character (Strong willed but not quite confident in themselves, WANTS to be high status and tries to befriend high status, easily irritated with lower status characters that they punish and take their own insecurities out on)

Write a high status character (Owns the room, highly confident, competent, cocky)Write a character that is a representation of a game or a piece of a game such as A character that represent Smash bros, or the rook on a chess board.Write a character that is irresistible to people - Whether it is due to looks, skills or status, this character is irresistible and magnetic in some way


Team up, and grab your favorite characters and put the ones that you think that would create the most conflict together - discussDecide on a conflict and Write a short scene with the two characters

Table read


Write as many pages as you can-Ask a Question (Examples- What if only one person can win? What happens if a writer gets writers block the night before her deadline?)-No more than 5 characters-Conflict starts early on-Avoid exposition-No More than 10 pages

Table read

If you are interested in submitting a 10 minute play to the Script Shuffle 10 minute play festival, you can find the submission packets and the submission form HERE - and the deadline is on January 14th!


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